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கொரில்லா ஓப்பன் ஆக்சஸ் அறிக்கை

Aaron Swartz published Guerilla Open Access Manifesto back in 2008 when he was alive. This is my attempt to translate the english version to Tamil.

தகவல் அறியும் உரிமை என்பதும் ஒரு வித அதிகாரம். அனைத்து அதிகாரங்களைப் போலவ …

Contradictory Microsoft

At Pondicherry University, we (Computer Science Students) were invited to attend a lecture by someone from Microsoft. My anticipation was that someone is going to promote (or) show-case the products of Microsoft. If this is going to happen, I made sure I have to rip off the evilness of proprietary …

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