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Hello World

Hello World! Welcome to my blog. I previously owned a domain named "" and had written my own blog engine powered by python. Now I no longer own the domain due to financial constraints. Also I have been writing in places like Diaspora, Discourse, etc., But then I have stopped blogging even though I have wordpress blogs. Somehow I got bored writing with Wordpress.

I find Pelican to be interesting, also writing a blog in a text-editor like vim & using markdown syntax for content makes me excited. Typing down my thoughts without the need for in-browser editor and web connectivity keeps me away from distractions online.

I think Pelican + Git + Github-Pages is more convinient than traditional blogging platforms for multiple reasons.

  • No worries about managing / maintaining Database (just markdown, html)
  • Absence of db means the data is distributed. Git is tracking and so the copy of files stays in my local hard disk as well as on github repository. So need not worry about data loss / disk corruption.
  • Simple markdown syntax helps in focusing on contents for blog post.
  • I can always move the site to other providers / host my own, if I at some point needed to abandon github (it's already a proprietary platform).

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