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Learnings From Building Offline First Web App

I wrote a web app recently. The purpose of the web app is to map the cooperatives around us. I'll speak about the intentions behind it in another post, for now let us focus on the Offline First approach of this app. The application is hosted here live.

Initial Version …

P2P File & URL Sharing App on LAN

For the past 1 week, I have been working on a peer-to-peer File and URL sharing app and I have named it as Transceiver (the ability to transmit and receive data). I would like to log the progress of what I have done so far.

There are various reasons, why …

Cross Compilation in Go

Recently I have started to explore the Go programming language or golang in short. Go is a compiled language which can produce standalone binaries for the go programs, which means the receiver of this binary need not have go compiler and the libraries that this program is dependent installed on …

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