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The Left, Religion and Change

Both the Communists and Anarchists works are centered around the following questions.

  1. Why are there miseries in this world?
  2. What causes these miseries?
  3. How can humans be truly human and develop themselves to full potential thus expressing themselves in whatever way they prefer?
  4. What is the condition of current setup …

கொரில்லா ஓப்பன் ஆக்சஸ் அறிக்கை

Aaron Swartz published Guerilla Open Access Manifesto back in 2008 when he was alive. This is my attempt to translate the english version to Tamil.

தகவல் அறியும் உரிமை என்பதும் ஒரு வித அதிகாரம். அனைத்து அதிகாரங்களைப் போலவ …

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