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What Did I Learn From Free Software Movement?

Back in 2010-2011, when I was a under-graduate student of computer science, I got introduced to GNU/Linux operating system and then gradually got introduced to the free software movement through FSFTN. Since then, I have been active with the free software movement by doing activism (i.e asking people …

Whispering Pictures - Beware

This is the english version of the tamil post that I wrote for FSFTN's blog.

We come across a lot of new people throughout our life. There is a reason we call them strangers. Not everyone wins our trust and vice-versa. We don't reveal much about ourselves to those strangers …

Students Practice Free Software. Yet, They Do Not Know

I started writing this post soon after I came out of the computer lab completing my lab internal exam. We are given 10 exercise to complete during our semseter lab sessions out of which a random of 2 exercise are given for this internal exam.

The title of these 10 …

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