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Reading Building Alternatives - Introduction

Uralungal Labour Contract Cooperative Soceity (ULCCS) is almost 90 year old (as of this writing in 2019) cooperative of construction workers from the state of Kerala, India.

The current finance minister of Kerala, Dr. T.M. Thomas Issac (CPIM) and Dr. Michelle Williams (Professor at University of Witswatersrand, South Africa …

Contributions to OpenStreetMap

I wrote this post to document my contributions to OpenStreetMap and to enrich the ecosystem.

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is the map built by the people, for the people and of the people. In other words, it is the democratic process of creating the map of the earth together. Simultaneously anyone can …

லிவ் இன்?

குடும்பம் என்றால் என்ன என்று நம் அனைவருக்கும் நன்றாகத் தெரியும். சமூகத்தில் ஒரு காலக்கட்டத்தில் உருவாகிய அமைப்பு முறை. மனித சமூகத்தில …

The Left, Religion and Change

Both the Communists and Anarchists works are centered around the following questions.

  1. Why are there miseries in this world?
  2. What causes these miseries?
  3. How can humans be truly human and develop themselves to full potential thus expressing themselves in whatever way they prefer?
  4. What is the condition of current setup …

On Microsoft Acquiring GitHub

Richard Mathew Stallman (RMS) who is widely known as the founder of Free Software Foundation (FSF) and GNU is Not Unix (GNU) project, wrote an email [1] to GNU mailing list 3 years back, asking developers not to use GitHub for hosting their source code and instead asks them to …

Books Read & Reading

In Progress

  1. History, Society and Land Relations (Selected Essays), E.M.S. Namboodaripad, Leftword Publishers
  2. The Frontline Years Selected Essays, E.M.S. Namboodaripad, Leftword Publishers
  3. Anarchism, Daniel Guerin, Aakar Books
  4. Building Alternatives, T.M. Thomas Issac, Leftword Publishers
  5. இந்திய நாத்திகம் (Indian Atheism), தேப …

What Did I Learn From Free Software Movement?

Back in 2010-2011, when I was a under-graduate student of computer science, I got introduced to GNU/Linux operating system and then gradually got introduced to the free software movement through FSFTN. Since then, I have been active with the free software movement by doing activism (i.e asking people …

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